Full control of your static projects. Manage content, domains, teams and much more.

More dashboard features

So many powerful features...


  • Secure, affordable protection against known and emerging threats. Full OWASP Core Rule Set support.


  • Easily crawl entire websites to create static versions, web archives,
    and backups.


  • Manage site-wide banner announcements directly from the Dashboard.


  • Page rules allow you to configure custom, flexible traffic routing
    controls for your projects.


  • Easily add customizable search pages to help fully decouple your static website. Powered by Algolia.


  • Capture submissions with ease, send notifications via email and Slack.
    Works with your existing forms.

Seamless integration with your existing CMS or website builder

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CMS Integrations

One click push of entire Drupal and WordPress sites. Automatic tracking and publishing of ongoing content changes.

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Static Site Generator Integrations

Plug into your existing static builders and deploy to Quant with ease.

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CLI Integrations

Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to crawl and migrate entire
websites to Quant.

Unparalleled control of content management and scheduling

Content Editing

Content Editors

Easily edit any content directly at the static edge with the non-technical WYSIWYG editor or developer Code editor available right in the Dashboard.

Content Editing

Scheduled Releases

Push content ahead of time for to-the-second global content release and archiving. Ensure your audience is seeing the right content, at the right time.

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Automatic detection of new content and media to create revisions. View content and media from previous releases with the revision viewer.

Advanced customizability and features for developers

Proxy Support

Proxy Support

Legacy dynamic content, webforms, search? No problem - use the proxy service to serve non-static content
from existing servers.

Custom HTTP Headers

Custom HTTP Headers

Granular control of HTTP headers on a global and per-content item level.



Easily control redirects through a simple form or more advanced rules. Redirects are also created automatically when using our CMS plugins.

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Security Headers

Tightly integrated with Security Headers for analysis of security issues. Fix problems with your security headers
with one click.

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Code Repository

Leverage our ever-growing collection of integrations, tools, and examples in our public QuantCDN GitHub repository.

Developer friendly

Developer Friendly

Developers build their dream static web solutions using our APIs, CLI tool for CI/CD, and integrations with popular static generators.

Plus, all these benefits

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  • Two-factor authentication
  • HSTS friendly, TLS everywhere
  • Free and automatic SSL certificates
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Speed and Reliability

  • Global CDN presence: 90+ locations
  • Tiered caching support
  • HTTP/2, HTTP/3 QUIC support
Piggy bank


  • Serve incredibly high levels of traffic
  • No need for a heavy backend
  • Reduce web serving costs
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