Unparalleled control over your website traffic.

With Quant Page Rules, you're not just managing your web traffic—you're mastering it. Our user-friendly tools let you prioritize both web performance and security, ensuring your content remains accessible to your audience and safeguarded against threats.

Mix and match a variety of Page Rule options for the ultimate website control including alerts, redirects, IP restrictions, geotargeting, password protection, and header modifications. Route traffic to your content management system and microservices while safeguarding them with our integrated static failover and cutting-edge WAF.


Powerful and customizable.

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Flexible traffic management

Easily combine any number of Page Rules for the ultimate control over your traffic flow and user experience.

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Edge content delivery network

Leverage all the benefits and features of a traditional CDN along with integrated support for your favorite web frameworks.

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Web application firewall

Integrate seamlessly with our advanced WAF to ensure real-time protection against cyberattacks while optimizing performance.


Easily configure powerful rules for unparalleled control over your website traffic.

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Advanced Controls

Mix and match rules by URL patterns, domains, countries, cookies and more.

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Alerts and Notifications

Enable web banner alerts and real-time backend admin notifications.

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Password Protection

Protect specific web pages and URLs with basic authentication.

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Proxy Routing

Route URLs to your backend servers or third-party services.

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Static Failover

Failover to a static version of your website during server interruptions.

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WAF Integration

Leverage our WAF for an extra layer of defense against web threats.

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Enjoy the benefits Quant Page Rules

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Disaster Recovery

Automatically recover from web server failures with static snapshots

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CMS Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your content management system

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Microservices Routing

Easily leverage your microservices and other third-party services

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Geolocation Targeting

Target locations based on countries, cookies and IP addresses

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URL Lockdown

Lockdown specific web pages, assets, services or sections of your website

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Header Control

Inject or strip web headers to control security and personalization