Powerful insights.

Quant's Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides immediate insights into malicious and suspicious traffic, filterable by IP, region, rule, and much more.

With configurable reporting and alerting you can always be aware of anomalous traffic events without the false positives.


Highly configurable.

Rules integration

Configurable alongside the powerful Quant rules engine to allow for control via a range of options including domain, route, geolocation, cookie names, IP ranges, and much more.

Full OWASP Core Rule Set coverage

Provides support for the OWASP Core Rule Set with configurable overrides and control. Run in report or block mode.

Advanced features at no extra cost

Advanced DDoS protection, rate limiting, bot protection, global block dictionaries, and third party integrations with security and spam services like Project Honey Pot.

Enjoy the benefits of Quant WAF

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Simple setup

Enable via a checkbox on any
rules proxy configuration

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Flexible configuration

Control configuration depending on domain, route, country, and much more

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Useful alerting

Email or Slack alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded or anomalous events detected

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Block dictionaries

Enable block dictionaries to block known bad bots, user-agents, referers, and IP addresses associated with bad actors as seen across our network

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Rate limiting support

Block or restrict traffic that exceeds rate limiting thresholds by IP address or certain request headers (e.g. API users)

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Powerful log viewer

Full history of events tracked through the WAF including the ability to
filter and search

Useful WAF resources

Learn more about Web Application Firewalls and related concepts.

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OWASP Core Rule Set

The OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) is a set of generic attack detection rules to protect web applications from attacks.

View OWASP docs
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Http:BL lets website administrators leverage Project Honey Pot data to keep suspicious and malicious
web robots off their sites.

View Http:BL info
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Dictionary Attacks

A dictionary attack is a method of breaking into an account or system by trying every word in a dictionary
as a password.

View Wikipedia article
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