Static site generators

Works with popular static generators

Integrate seamlessly with your existing static tools. Quant has been battle tested with Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, Gatsby, MkDocs, Docusaurus, Pelican, and more.

Use the Quant CLI tool to push output from popular static generators.

Step 1

Install the Quant CLI tool

Download and install the NodeJS CLI tool.

Install node-cli via NPM

Step 2

Initialize your static codebase

Run quant init within your static codebase. Enter your organization name, project name and token (available from the dashboard) to connect to the QuantCDN service.

Enter the directory containing the built output from your static generator of choice.

Step 3

Deploy to QuantCDN

Run quant deploy command within your static codebase to deploy all content (or content change) to the Quant static edge. If content has been removed since the last deploy it will be tracked and unpublished automatically. If md5 hashes match the previous content it will skip the item, keeping the process lean and efficient.

Step 4 (optional)

Configure CI pipelines to automatically push change

Use a non-interactive initialization of the CLI tool in your CI pipeline, so you can compile and push content change directly from your git repo when it changes.

Visit ‘Getting started with Quant CLI’ for more information.