Static site.
Dynamic forms.

Just because you have a static site doesn't mean you have to ditch your web forms. Quant makes it super simple to integrate your existing forms into your static website. And, enjoy additional features like spam protection, unlimited submission history, and real-time notifications.


Simple and streamlined.

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Perfect match

The best of both worlds—a static site for speed and security, and dynamic web forms to interact with your users.

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Easy integration

No need to make costly changes to your website. Whether it’s Drupal, WordPress or any other backend, you’re covered.

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Set up in minutes

No coding required! Easily add your web forms in a only few minutes using our Dashboard.

Enjoy the benefits of Quant Forms

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Existing Form Mapping

Leverage existing forms so you don’t need to rearchitect your website

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Drupal Integration

Works seamlessly with the popular Drupal Webform module

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Form Field Adjustment

Easily remove form fields or make important ones required

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Submission History

Tracks unlimited submissions so you can review your history at any time

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Real-time Notification

Get immediate alerts via email or Slack so you can respond quickly

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Spam Protection

Weed out spam web form submissions with a simple setting

Useful form resources

Learn more about web forms and related concepts.

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HTML Form Overview

Learn the basics of HTML web forms from Wikipedia.

View Wikipedia info
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Web Forms Guide

Dig into web forms with this useful Mozilla guide.

View Mozilla guide
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Drupal Webform Module

Try out the popular Drupal Webform module.

View Drupal module
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