The Search you’ve been searching for.

Algolia is a powerful enterprise-grade search engine that supports search as you type, smart highlighting, filters and facets, multilingual content, typo tolerance and more.

With Quant static hosting and Algolia integrated search, you have the best of both worlds… ultra-fast static website and dynamic search performance.

Quant and Algolia

Highly customizable.

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Custom Styling

Select from design options and add your custom CSS to integrate search pages seamlessly into your website.

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Choose from a range of templates to display search results how you want: as a list or a grid.

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Need something extra? Customize your own interface using the Algolia InstantSearch.js library.


Choose from a selection of powerful integrations to best suit your needs.

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Any Site

Add powerful Algolia search to any static site hosted on Quant.

View General Search docs
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Drupal Search

Use the Drupal Quant Search module for seamless integration.

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Search API

Manage custom search records through the Quant Search API.

View Search API docs

Enjoy the benefits of Quant Search

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Easy setup to add search to any static website

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One low monthly cost for all your search needs

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Configure search pages to match your static site

Lightning Bolt


Add facets and filters for advanced functionality

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Experience real-time dynamic search results


Unlimited Search Pages

Build as many custom search pages as you need

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Set up your site in five minutes

30 day free trial, no credit card required.

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