Self service

Full control and visibility of your organizations and static projects.

Manage content, media, domains, SSL, teams, redirects, proxies, custom headers and more


Content & Revisions

All your content and media in one place. Full revision history.

View all your static content and media assets from the content and media dashboards. Quant maintains revision history, and historic revisions are viewable (and restorable) from the revisions viewer.

Unpublish, delete, or edit content directly from the dashboard view.


Content editing @ edge

Create and edit content. Directly at edge.

Use the WYSIWYG editor for quick and easy content creation or editing when you need to make change directly in QuantCDN.

For more advanced content, scripting or CSS files use the fully featured Code editor


.. and plenty more

Feature rich


  • Create and manage projects from a central location
  • Manage domains and provide custom SSL certificates (a free certificate will be provided otherwise)

Teams & Access

  • Invite other members from your organization
  • Role based access control to ensure invitees have appropriate levels of access

Content Management

  • View and search across all content and media items pushed to the Quant static edge
  • Edit content directly using handy WYSIWYG or Code editors

Revision history

  • View all historic revisions of content or media using the revision viewer
  • Roll back to any previous revision in an instant

Upload content & media

  • Upload zip archives of static content
  • Specify URL prefix to easily upload mini-sites under a prefixed address


  • Enable and configure integrated search. Create incredible search pages with a few clicks.
  • Advanced support for grouped configurations and creating feature rich search experiences


  • Enable Quant Forms on any route to accept form submissions
  • View submissions and file attachments. Configure email or Slack notifications, spam protection and more.

Custom Headers & Alerts

  • Control HTTP headers for advanced control and HSTS configuration
  • Use the Alert editor to inject site-wide alert banners for emergency announcements

Domains & SSL

  • Add domains to your project, easy onboarding instructions to change DNS and go static
  • Support for custom SSL certificates per domain, or use free SSL certificates. Automatic HTTPS redirect.